Nature Walks

One of my favorite things to do on a nice day is to take a walk in the woods.  Nature walks can turn into a great adventure for kids, too! I love to go to the Paint Branch trail.  This trail has many entrances with different marked paths.  It has bridges and huge logs with ropes for crossing certain segments of the trail.

I love this trail because it runs along a creek the whole time.  It has perfect spots for teaching kids how to skip stones or for having stick races in the water. The kids have a great time seeing the wildlife in the wood with the various birds, squirrels and deer.

The woods are also a great place to expand with pure imagination.  One of the boys I watched over the summer loved to pretend we were on a secret mission while walking through the woods.  We would run and hide behind trees.  We would try to see if we could make the least noise possible.  He had a blast!

For more information on the trails, I have used this page.


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