Card Games

My family is huge on card games.  I have spent most of my beach vacations playing family card tournaments.  This past summer I spent I tried to teach the kids I was nannying as many different card games as possible.  They were amazed at the endless list of games I knew and that you could play with a simple deck of cards.

A couple of the games I taught them are:

Spoons – Each player is dealt 4 cards. The dealer goes through the remainder of the deck one by one, passing one card at a time to the player on his left. The goal is to collect 4 of a kind, so players may switch 1 card they don’t want in their hand for 1 card that gets passed to them.  The player that collects 4 of a kind first grabs one spoon and the last player to grab a spoon loses.  The loser gets one letter and the first player to spell “spoons” loses the whole game.

Slap Jack – The deck of cards is split evenly among the players. Each player holds their cards face down and does not look at them.  One by one in a circle  the players flip a card in a pile in the middle.  A player slaps the pile when a jack is flipped or if there are two of the same number cards flipped in a row.  The first to slap the pile gets to take all the cards in the middle.  The player with the whole deck at the end of the game wins.

Card games are great versatile and simple games.  You can play them almost anywhere to easily entertain kids.  There are great for rainy days stuck indoors or waiting during adult swim at the pool.

Feel free to share your favorite card games in the comments below!


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