Hide and Seek

Hide and Go seek was one of my favorite games growing up.  It is perfect for kids of all ages too, just depending on how you choose to play the game.

With younger kids, I always play the simplest version. One person closes his eyes and counts, while everyone else hides.  The game is over once everyone is found.

With kids that are a little older I have played several variations, such as:

Hide and Go seek tag –  This is the same as the normal game except instead of simply finding the person, the “it” must also tag them.

Sardines – This version is the inverse of the usual game.  One person hides and everyone else must find him.  When a person finds the hidden player they must hide with the hidden player.  Each player must fend for themselves; this is not a team game.  The game ends once everyone has found the hidden player.

If you have any other variations I’d love to hear them!


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