Water Balloon Fights

Hot days in summer can be long when you are nannying because the kids don’t want to play outside, but it’s too nice not to.  One thing that kids really get a kick out of is water balloons and squirt guns.

Every summer I have been a nanny, I have set aside one day for a big water balloon fight.  All of the kids get in their swimsuits and put on their flip flops or Crocs.  We go outside to the hose and use the plastic attachment and fill up the water balloons together.  I usually let the older kids take care of filling up the balloons, while I tie them and hand them to younger ones to place in our large bucket.  Once we have filled up all the balloons, we decide on the game we want to play.

In the past, we have used the water balloons for a game similar to an egg toss.  Everyone finds a partner and stands face to face with them, everyone in line with each other.  Each time a pass is completed the player who caught the balloon takes a step back. The team that can throw the balloon the furthest without it breaking wins.

We have also played a team game with rounds. Each round every player gets only two water balloons for the whole round.  A player is out if he is hit with a water balloon or if his water balloon pops on him.  The last team standing wins.

Water balloon day is always a favorite with the kids I take care of and a great way to spend a hot summer day!


The featured image can be found here.


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