Exploring the World of Books

As a nanny during the summer I have had to make sure that the kids complete their summer reading for school. However, I also want to show them how great reading can be and fun it can be to get completely lost in a book.

When I was growing up I lived down the road from a library. I would spend hours there each week. One summer they had a book challenge for kids.  The challenges would include things like read one mystery book, nonfiction book, or a book about space.  I had so much fun that summer exploring the different varieties of books presented in the summer challenge.

This past summer I would take the kids to local libraries to pick up all different types of books.  We would read the books we picked up in our forts, on the couch, under a tree, or at the pool. They loved reading all different types of books!

What were some of your favorite books growing up?


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