When Life Gives You Lemons

The most classic thing for children to do in the summer is to have a lemonade stand.  For generations this has been the tradition of typical American kids.  I know growing up this was one of my favorite things to do in the summer.  My younger sister and I would set up a lemonade stand several times every summer in order to earn some spending money for when we went on vacation. We loved to spend our quarters on little candies, games and prizes on the boardwalk at the beach.  One thing that made spending this money more enjoyable was that we earned it ourselves.

This past summer, one of kids I was babysitting loved to find different ways to make money so one day he decided to set up a lemonade stand with his younger sister.  We grabbed some markers and blank paper and made signs to put up around the neighborhood.  We then drove to our local grocery store to pick up lemonade and cups.  I let them keep track of the receipt because they wanted to buy their own supplies.  We made two pitchers of lemonade together and threw it in a cooler with some ice.  The kids then packed a little table, a money box and the cups on to a wagon and we set out to sell some lemonade.

With the signs posted around the neighborhood, we chose a nice spot on a corner by their house.  They assigned jobs, one would serve the lemonade while the other would collect the money.  We spent the afternoon under the shade of a tree selling ice cold lemonade for 50 cents to people passing by.

After we sold all the lemonade we made, we packed up our stand and headed home.  At home they split their profits and stored their coins in their money jars.

The kids loved being in charge of their own business and making money on their won.  They would get so excited every time they got a costumer and loved being able to offer something for others to enjoy.

Lemonade stands are always a hit and a great way to spend a nice summer afternoon!


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